Coffee shops, restaurants, bars, brewery taprooms and wine tasting rooms. Gain insightful information on your customers, contact information, demographics and how frequent they visit.

Once the customer logs onto the WiFi, you can start creating a more personalized experience.  Send customers a “Thank you for visiting” message once they leave or if they have not visited in awhile, send a “We miss you” message offering a discount coupon.  

  • Option to limit users by session time
  • Monitor peak visit times
  • Advertise your brand on the landing page
  • Ramp up sales 
  • Grow customer database
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Drive customers to your social media
  • Redirect to ‘Like’ Facebook page
  • Take control of your reputation management through quality reviews. (Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor)
  • Increase Foot Traffic

Location Analytics can determine busiest time of day/month/year and help staff plan accordingly.  The platform will also track a first time visitor, return visitors and repeat customer rates. Compare restaurant footfall of multiple locations to determine highest traffic areas.

WiFI Advertising: Once your guest logs onto your WiFi ads can be shown to promote local events or shops in the area.  Coffee shops could have an ad for local wineries.

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