Location Analytics, also known as presence analytics allows you to estimate foot traffic that is passing within the range of your router. Gather customer behavior data whether they log into your WiFi or not.  This anonymous data is not tracking the demographic information or individuals but their devices. Enabling our locations to understand foot traffic in their area compared to visitors and connected users.

Location Analytics allows you to take full advantage of turning our passerbys into customers. Understanding your customer is key to any business. 

  • Measure and visualize footfall of connections, visitors, and passerby’s.
  • Determine busiest time of day, how many people walk by, when is the best time to run a promotion.
  • Track first-time visitors and repeat visitors.
  • Create customized location reports to analyze data from one-to-many.
  • Send automated marketing emails based on location.
  • Staffing: Schedule employees appropriately based on peak times of the day, week. Ensuring you don’t under staff but also not paying for employees to be there during slower times.

Heat Maps

A heat map shows the areas that get the most attention.  Which areas do your customers prefer to shop in your store and where so they stay away from?  You can run A/B tests to see which set ups get more traffic.  Understanding the most traffic areas in your store can help you decide where to place your promotional items and digital signage displays.

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