Retail WiFi Solutions.  Are you tracking how much foot traffic you get around your Retail location or shopping centers?  Do you know how many customers are actually coming into your store and how many are actually connecting to your WiFi?  How many are repeat customers and how long do they spend in your store? Are customers using the coupons that you send out?

All of this can be answered with the WiFi Marketing Platform.  

Here are some additional benefits & Retail WiFi Solutions:

  • Automatically Grow you CRM-save time and money by not having to have your employees manually enter this information.
  • Save at Risk Customers.
  • Send automated marketing emails based on your customer behavior.
  • Track Campaign results with WiFI Analytics.
  • Option to limit users by session time
  • Monitor peak visit times
  • Advertise your brand on the landing page
  • Ramp up sales 
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Drive customers to your social media
  • Redirect to ‘Like’ Facebook page
  • Take control of your reputation management through quality reviews. (Yelp, Google, Tripadvisor)
  • Increase Foot Traffic

The WiFi Analytics results are beneficial to property management companies.  The results can physically show tenants why one store location may be more expensive per month than another location in the same shopping center.  Location 1 may have a lot more foot traffic than location 2.  

WiFi Advertising can advertise different retail shops within the shopping center or restaurants at the food court.

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