Bridgelogic’s  WiFi Advertising platform allows venues to easily add banner, video or custom HTML code advertisements and sell advertising space on your landing pages to relevant sponsors using our built-in ad server.  

What’s Involved:  Turn your guest WiFi into a digital billboard and start earning revenue.  The user friendly platform offers an easy to use landing page editor, provides detailed analytics and reporting for the advertiser, Advertisers can easily track conversions and ROI.  A/B testing allows you to adapt to your customer behaviors.

Earn Direct Revenue: Showcase ADs on your landing page every time your guest connects to your WiFi.

Real-time Reporting: Easily track impressions, clicks and CTR (click through rate)

WiFi Advertising Network: Increase your brands visibility and venture your campaigns to digital.

Full Reporting and Advanced Tracking (views, clicks, CTR): Automatically serve your own banner and video ads

WiFI Landing Pages: Make your customized landing page a digital billboard

Easily track conversions and ROI: Advertisers can be given access to their advertisements to easily track conversions and ROI


  • Front page branding/sponsorship
  • Social media accounts with data
  • Fully customized landing pages
  • Custom thank you page
  • Custom redirect URL (microsites)
  • Coupon and contests (rich media)
  • Facebook share box
  • Facebook Like box
  • Email opt-ins
  • Automated email notifications
  • Sequenced email drip campaigns
  • Video takeover (forced or skip)
  • IAB mobile banner ad compliant
  • At location signage with QR/NFC
  • Interstitial ads


Types of Campaigns:

  • Thank You Page/Interstitial Ad
  • Remove competitor ads
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue
  • Sponsored ads
  • Generate monthly recurring revenue


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