The WiFi Marketing insights allows venues to gather valuable customer contact and demographic information. Automate marketing communications to customers.  Once you gain an understanding for your customers you can develop strategies with our WiFi marketing insights to build a personal relationship with them. 

Customers can easily log onto your WiFi with their email or social media such as Facebook and in return you will be able to collect powerful marketing data. No more passwords to log on.

Who can Benefit?

WiFi Marketing is a valuable asset for a variety of brick and mortar industries from coffee shops, Restaurants, Stadiums, Municipalities/Public Spaces, Retail, Shopping Centers, Car Dealerships, Hotels, Salons/Spas, Fitness Centers, and Medical Centers

What can WiFi Marketing do for your Business?

    • Grow your CRM: Customer relationship management (CRM) system automatically builds your customer profiles for your database. No more spending countless hours entering emails.  Once the customers log onto your WiFi with their social media account or email, they will automatically be added to your CRM database.  If they log on through a social media account, we can collect any public information that they have from that account such as demo, gender, birthday, age, profile pic.
    • Send Automated Emails: Once the customer leaves, an automated  “Thank you for visiting message” can be sent. 
    • Save at Risk Customers: An automated email can be sent after a certain period of time saying “We miss you” or offering a discount for the next visit.
    • Easily promote offers or events: Automated emails can be sent based on the demographics of your customers.
    • Loyalty Programs: Know who your loyal customers are and their shopping habits.  Reward these customers with special offers.  10th coffee is free or discounts on special items.
    • Custom Branded Log-in Page: once your customer connects to your WiFi they can be redirected to an online menu or webpage, encourage them to like your FB page and promote specials.
    • Boost Online Reviews: Boosting your online Reviews can greatly affect your business.  Customers can be redirected to your webpage to leave a review or an automated email can be sent asking customers to leave a review. Use your reviews to be proactive in resolving any issues.
    • Drive Customers to your social media: Encourage customers to like your social media pages.  Redirect them to Facebook or instagram once logged on.