The Platform is so beneficial to all sports, entertainment and recreation facilities. 

Arena, Stadiums, Bowling Alleys, Movie Theaters, Theme Parks, Aquariums

Use your Guest WiFi as a marketing channel to increase your revenue and build a relationship with visitors.  The Platform collects data to help you understand your guest behavior and develop marketing strategies.  

  • Grow customer database
  • Build loyalty programs
  • Drive customers to your social media
  • Redirect to ‘Like’ Facebook page
  • Send automated emails

WiFi Analytics captures visitor data in real time.  The easy to use dashboard can automatically collect guest profile information such as: Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday, New vs Returning Guest, Device Type, Time Spent, Operating System, Automation history, Gender, Login Location, Aggregated Revenue.  

WiFi Advertising:  Promote items from your concession stand or items from your pro shop.  Sponsorship ads can be shown for local upcoming events or food or beverage companies.   

Your Guest WiFi can be turned into a digital billboard and start earning revenue.  The user friendly platform offers an easy to use landing page editor, provides detailed analytics and reporting for the advertiser, Advertisers can easily track conversions and ROI.  A/B testing allows you to adapt to your customer behaviors.

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